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About US

About Safe Littles

We had an unfortunate incident in our community and a school was on lock down due to an active shooter. In that same moment the preschool next door had two to five year old children on the playground. They were completely unaware of what was taking place just 300 feet away.

As parents there is nothing more important than keeping our kids safe. When we realized that there was no way for our preschools and child care centers to be updated in emergencies like this we took action. And we are so glad we did.

Two years later we have SafeLittle up and running and in use by more than 200 locations.


We are a small women-owned business and we can pivot to make things work if your needs are specific.


We have a background in technology, communication, and early childhood training. We are in this because of the kids.


This isn’t just a tool it is a necessary component for our child care industry and communities.