Safe Littles ensuring safety for preschools and under five activity providers

How it works.

Are you a Preschool, Daycare, or activity provider that routinely has children that are not yet school-aged at a physical location? 

Complete an agreement and get started. There is no cost to you. Here is how it works...

  1. Sign the agreement
  2. Create an account (with up to five contacts).
  3. Identify specifics for communication.
  4. Use the system

Are you a School Resource Officer? 

Complete an agreement and get started. Here is how it works...

  1. Sign the agreement
  2. Have your School Resource Officer(s) set up accounts as needed
  3. Communicate with your local community (we can help with that and will pre-populate your area with early learning providers already on our lists).
  4. Use the system

Young children matter….

and we are committed to helping our communities ensure their safety. Safe Littles is continually developing to accomplish that goal and we are trying to ensure that this service is freely avaialble to everyone.

Ask a question

Is there a solution that could support the safety of young children attending preschool, day care, a field trip, or even an event at your local library?

Yes, and Safe Littles is it!

Using GPS technology, School Resource Officers now have a direct path to keep  professionals serving young children up to date and in the loop on any safety issues that only K12 schools typically receive. 

Safe Littles provides a secure space where early learning providers and those that provide activities for young children can register up to five employees, owners, or directors to receive real time text and email alerts for any safety or security issue that may impact them or the kids that are in their care. 

Keep in mind that Safe Littles does not provide the capacity for School Resource Officers to be assigned to specific locations where young children are physically located during the day. Rather, it is a conduit so that preschools can receive just-in-time information that is regularly shared with K12 schools.